What is the Value of SEO for Small Businesses?

As mere shoppers embrace the internet in order to buy everything that they need in their lives, the value of search has grown tremendously in the recent years. Most businesses are now considering implementing a Search Engine Optimization strategy that will enable them to compete effectively in an uber-competitive online marketing landscape. Read more Cohlab

The value of search engine optimization for small businesses cannot be overstated. Today almost all businesses, whether small or large have some kind of online presence. In all the top search engine results pages, there are only a few ranking positions that businesses can compete for. Competition for top rankings is, therefore, pretty stiff which is why every business must invest in very rigorous organic SEO strategy.

Big Corporations Have a Massive Advantage

In the organic search engine optimization game, the larger corporations generally have a significant advantage over the smaller businesses. Most likely, they will have had an online presence for decades which gives them an organic SEO advantage. They will have built thousands if not millions of inbound links and after decades of online experience, they have  a recurring online user base which converts well and that they really don’t have to work hard for.

They can leverage these advantages in order to attain top rankings in the search engine results pages. If you are planning to play in the search engine optimization game, you will have to accept that certain businesses that you are competing with simply have a natural advantage that you will not be able to overcome easily simply because they have been in business longer and they have worked harder than you in building their ranking profiles. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to catch up. With the right organic SEO strategy as well as resources, you can begin building your online ranking profile.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are running a small business, here are some tips in which you can compete effectively with some of the big industry players when it comes to search engine optimization ranking profile:


If you can’t compete on a broad range of SEO terms, your best bet in building a solid ranking in a market segment is by specializing in a particular niche. A larger company can beat you on a broad array of keywords but with a niche focus, you will be able to rank easily and get to the top for particular keywords.

Use the Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

Just like the niche focus strategy, a long-tail keyword strategy will help you dominate rankings for particular keywords. Instead of having minimal relevance with certain high potential keywords in your niche, you will be able to maximize your ranking potential with some of the keywords in your niche which are not as popular. This kind of strategy will deliver top rankings for you for the keywords that you have chosen.

Leveraging the Locality Factor

You may not compete globally with the giants but you can, certainly, compete locally. Target a more local audience and become more relevant locally by emphasizing the power of local search in your business.

More Personalized Social Interactions

Another way to beat the big competition is by going for the “personal” aspect when it comes to your social media interactions with your clients. This is something that big businesses are not going to do as effectively. Give your business a personality and nurture your following in order to create a unique and highly interactive social media experience for your following.




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