Three Must Try Thai Foods

Some people say that the food and the culture of a country is a representation of itself and its people. For Thailand, that is an understatement. Thai Cuisine is also a showcase of its history, the countries that it traded with and its geography. One of the best example of this is Thailand’s use of chilies. Chilies have been brought to Thailand by Spanish and Portuguese merchants around the sixteenth and the seventeenth century. Since then, chilies have been incorporated to a variety of Thai recipes even up to today. Thai foods are characterized by sweet, savory, sour and bitter flavors. Here are some of the famous Thai food that you need to try.

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Red Curry

Red curry is one of the foods that the Thai people borrowed from other nations and made into their own, in this case, from India. Like most curry recipes, the red curry recipe uses a lot of spices. What separates this curry dish from the others is its striking red color which it got from spur chilies thus making it stand out among other Thai recipes. With that being said, most of these ingredients are not found in Thailand. Some examples include cumin, pepper corns, cinnamon sticks, cardamom and galangal. The cooking process involves sautéing garlic and onion in oil then adding the protein later on. Usually, the protein comes from beef and pork. However, since the Muslim population in the area has increased, it is now available in chicken and even in tofu for vegetarians. Potatoes and coconut milk are also added to this recipe which gives it its rich flavor.

Korma Curry

The etymology of this food is derived from the Turkish word kavurma which means cooked meat. What makes the korma curry recipe unique is the process that involves it. Unlike most curry recipes that are usually sautéed, this spicy and rich curry dish is braised. This means that it is slowly cooked in a pot for several hours before served. This gives the curry its rich broth and tender yet juicy meat. Some variations of this recipe include ginger and lime.

Green curry

This is one of the most famous Thai foods that are available in the market today. It got its name from the green chilies that were used in making the dish. It is also commonly known as sweet curry. Despite that name, it doesn’t mean that it is sweet, it got its name from its green color making it one if the bizarrely named Thai recipes. The protein that is commonly used in the thai green curry recipe are fish, chicken or fish balls. This is because of the mild flavoring that this food has which is unlikely for a curry. The consistency of the broth depends on the concentration of the coconut milk that is added to the dish. Like most Thai dishes, this food is often served and eaten with rice. Garnishes such as spring onions, coriander leaves and turmeric can also be seen.

These are only three of the wide array of selection that Thailand can offer. So in case you get the chance to drop by a Thai restaurant, make sure that you try them. For more details please visit this site




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